Camlad Valley Reports

Curlews count

A large group of volunteers, including those from our Group, put a lot of energy each year into surveys recording a variety of bird life with an emphasis on curlew and lapwing, whose numbers have been declining steeply in recent years.  This is due largely to pressures on their nesting sites, including the ones local to us.

How did curlews and other species fare across the area covered by the Camlad Valley CWG?  You can find out here:

Camlad Bird Group Report 2018

We are still looking for volunteers to help conduct surveys during 2019.  Find out more on our ‘Future events‘ page.

There is also a ‘Curlew Country’ project, which is trying to reverse the curlew’s decline.  Here is a summary of their 2018 report:

Summary of 2018 Nest Monitoring Report

Annual reports

Our annual reports can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the following links.

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