Clee Hill Community Wildlife Group

Latest News – 2020

Bird Group Report for 2019 published – Bird Group Report 2019

We have decided that it is best to cancel the meetings planned for March due to the Coronavirus and Government recommendations.

Free evening of Wildlife Talks – Wednesday 18th March 2020 – Cancelled

Bird Group Meeting – Monday 23rd March 2020 – Cancelled

Curlew, Lapwings and Other Birds Survey 2020

The survey for 2020 will go ahead. Government guidance is that people still need exercise, and outdoor activities provide it, as long as social contact with other people is minimised. You can’t get much more self – isolated than on Clee Hill!!! However, it’s obviously up to you whether you wish to participate or not. See the Bird Group Report 2019 for details on what is involved.

Anyone who wishes to take part should contact Leo Smith. We need more helpers so please get involved if you can.

News – 2019 

Talk on British Deer – 9th October 2019

Clee Hill Community Wildlife Group – Short Report 2018

Annual Meeting March 15th 2019

Bird Group Meeting 25th March 2019

Bird Group Report 2018

About the Group


View from Titterstone Clee Hill

The Group has been running since February 2012 with the aim of bringing together people interested in wildlife to do something positive for local species. The groups activity is centred on the open hill land of Titterstone Clee and Clee Hill Common, and includes the surrounding land which provides the landscape and community setting of the Hill, extending approximately as far as Knowlegate and Knowbury to the south, Bitterley to the west, Cleedownton and Bromdon to the north, and Catherton Common and Doddington to the east. Since February 2012, over 80 volunteers have been involved with five different wildlife survey groups, 20 people have helped with the general running of the group through our steering committee, and other local people have given their time to help at public meetings and events. It’s also been enjoyable and fun! Our five survey groups have focused on Lapwing & Curlew, woodland birds, butterflies and moths, Peregrine breeding, and botanical surveys of wildlife sites (see below for the survey group pages). The valuable data generated from the surveys is being used to benefit local wildlife in practical ways: help has been offered to landowners to access agri-environment schemes, new wildlife sites have been adopted by Shropshire Wildlife Trust, and practical works have been carried out on a number of local wildlife sites.

Thank you to everyone involved for all your support and help so far. All are welcome, all you need is enthusiasm for our local area and its wildlife. We look forward to hearing from you.

Some Pictures – Early June 2018

Thanks to Eric for providing some lovely photos he took of our more unique wildlife in the Clee Hill area early June. See if you can identify each of them from the list below.

Linnet, Meadow Pippit,  Peregrine, Stonechat, Green Hairstreaks, Green Veined White, Broad Bodied Chaser, Wall Brown, Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary, Green Tiger Beetle, Cuckoo, Wheatear

01-L1170676 02-L1170660 03-L1170649 04-L1170666 05-L1170543 06-L1170590 07-L1170610 08-L1170617 09-L1170521 10-L1140021 11-L1080979 12-L1110745

The Clee Hill Community Wildlife Group Needs Your Help For 2019

We were greatly helped initially by Cath Landles from the Shropshire Hills AONB Partnership and by a number of outside folk who helped to set up the Clee Hill Community Wildlife Group and organise the various surveys. Now the funding that we received to support the group is beginning to run out and we need to stand on our own two feet.

We are looking for local residents to join our committee to fill vacant posts and provide general support. The committee members are responsible for running the group and contributing ideas for wildlife activities. Interest and enthusiasm are more important than expertise! It’s not a huge commitment and shouldn’t take up too much of your time – a few weekday evening meetings and 1-2 public meetings each year. It’s also enjoyable to be involved with our committee (believe it or not!) so please get in contact if you think you can help out.  To find out more please contact Sue Dawes (Chairwoman) by email.

The Survey Groups

curlew                                            spbf               The Bird Group                                                                The Butterfly and Moth Group

wildflower meadow                                     peregrine              The Botanical Survey Group                                          The Peregrine Watch Group


The Novers Woodland Bird Survey


If you are interested in our achievements to date then please have a look at our Annual Reports:

2012 Annual Report          2013 Annual Report          2014 Annual Report

Short Report 2018



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Grass Snakes. We have received some great footage of grass snakes taken by Chris Neal in his garden. Video1 Video2

Rush Pastures Management Factsheet. Butterfly Conservation have created this factsheet which provides guidance on rush pasture management – with the aim of benefiting wildlife. There is a lot of rush pasture habitat in the local area, so hopefully local landowners might find this useful.

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