Clee Hill Bird Group

The Clee Hill bird group was established in February 2012 by Leo Smith with the initial aim of surveying the local area for lapwing, curlew and other target bird species. Such surveys have been completed each year since (see reports below), and the group will be repeating the same survey again each year in the foreseeable future. The bird group will also develop other activities and events as members wish.

Bird Group Report 2019

Bird Group Report 2018

Meetings/Activities 2020

The current situation has meant that we have had to cancel any planned meetings.

The Bird survey for 2020 will go ahead. Government guidance is that people still need exercise, and outdoor activities provide it, as long as social contact with other people is minimised. You can’t get much more self – isolated than on Clee Hill!!! However, it’s obviously up to you whether you wish to participate or not. See the Bird Group Report 2019 for details on what is involved.

Anyone who wishes to take part should contact Leo Smith. We need more helpers so please get involved if you can.

Meetings/Activities 2019

Bird Group Planning Meeting Monday 25th March 2019 at 7.30pm
Recreation Rooms, 22a High Street, Clee Hill Village (next to the Village Post Office and Stores)
 Results of the Curlews, Lapwings and Other Birds Survey 2012 – 18
 Arrangements for the 2019 Survey (including who does which square)
 Curlew nest protection and chick monitoring project
 Barn Owl Nest Box Scheme
 Monitoring Swift nest sites
 Other events in 2019

Bird Walk Probably weekend of 6 – 7 April 2019 at 9.30am (date to be agreed at Planning Meeting)

If you’re interested, but can’t get to the meeting, contact Chris for details after 25th March. (Leader: Leo Smith). Meet at Cleeton St Mary Church. (OS Grid ref. SO611786).
A walk around the local pasture fields (good chance of seeing and / or hearing Curlew), and then onto the common (good chance of Kestrel, Red Kite, Stonechat, and Other Target Species).
This walk will also provide practical training for people who want to help with the Curlew, Lapwing and Other Birds Survey. Finish around 1.00pm.

Bird Walk for Bird Song – 12th May 2019

bird song walk pic(Leader: Gareth Thomas) Meet at The Novers car park (on the right on the way downhill on the B4214 south from Clee Hill village at OS Grid ref. SO597738).

See, listen to, and identify the birds singing in the Novers Limeworks Wood.

Finish around 9.15am.

All welcome

Curlew and Lapwing Surveying

Curlew in flight

Lapwing and Curlew are declining rapidly, in the Clee Hill area and elsewhere. The Bird Group set out to find out how many are left here. We also looked for another 19 target species. Most of these birds are easy to recognise, so volunteers needed interest and enthusiasm rather than expertise. They were asked to visit an Ordnance Survey map square three times between the end of March and mid June, for around three hours each visit. Survey maps and instructions were provided, and some joined us on an outdoor practical training session before the start.

Lapwing and Curlew survey 2012-2018

We have been looking for local Curlews since 2012, when we found around 13 pairs.

  • Full detailed reports on the 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 surveys compiled by Leo Smith are available here: 

  2012 Report        2013 Report         2014 Report         2015 Report         2016 Report   

 2017 Report – Full        2017 Report – Summary      Bird Group Report 2018



Everyone interested in birds is welcome at all meetings and events.

Anyone who wishes to take part should contact Leo Smith. We need more helpers so please get involved if you can.


Barn Owls


Barn Owl


For more information on helping local barn owls and getting involved in a nest box scheme please view this document. Please let us know about any confirmed local sightings of barn owls; contact Chris, email:



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