Clee Hill Peregrine Watch Group

Peregrine Watch Clee Hill, 2012

A pair of Peregrine Falcons returned to Titterstone Clee in late March and, as expected, selected a site in the working quarry area in preference to the traditional “incline” site. Incubation commenced in early April on a scrape in close proximity to the ledge used successfully last year. At the same time surveillance of the area was increased and the site was visited daily by police mobile patrols and the local Peregrine Group site wardens. Patrols by volunteers organised and supervised by police were deployed in the general area and, in addition, covert camera surveillance of both the nest site and some access routes activated.


Incubation proceeded normally for approximately two and half weeks but the extremely adverse weather conditions on the hill during the latter part of April resulted in the birds spending less time at the nest and leaving the eggs exposed to the elements. On 4th May the site warden confirmed that the nest had been abandoned, although the peregrines remained in the area to roost and feed. Unfortunately, no attempt was made to lay a second clutch owing to the lateness in the birds’ breeding cycle.

Volunteer patrols continued until the end of May as a precautionary measure. In spite of the failure of the breeding attempt this year due to natural causes, the Clee peregrines survived and live to breed again next year.

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