The Novers Woodland Bird Survey Group

Bird Survey at The Novers Woodland

Robin (photo: John Arnfield)

If you go down to the woods today, to The Novers, at the far north end you will see some management work either in progress or the results of it; trees coppiced and re-growing from their stumps, clearings created and re-growth under way, weedy undergrowth cleared away. How are birds reacting to the changes? The birds will have to adapt their breeding territories, the home ranges used for nesting and bringing up their families, to be sure that they can find the security, shelter, nest-sites and food they need. Volunteer, Iain Prentice, has completed three bird surveys this year to locate the territories of Robins, Blackbird, Chiffchaffs and so on. This has given us a baseline from which to monitor future changes in distribution and numbers to see how the birds are reacting to the changes forced upon them. The Common Bird Census methodology from the British Trust of Ornithology was used and data analysis is underway.

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