Kemp Valley Community Wildlife Group

Since 2009 the Kemp Valley Lapwing Project has been working to  save this locally declining species. Our community wildlife group further aims to promote an awareness of the diversity of wildlife that lives in our unique corner of South Shropshire, by sharing observations and encounters with plants and creatures great and small!

Help us find:

  •   Lapwings and Curlews
  •   Other vulnerable birds from our area
  •   Barn Owls and Dippers

Lapwing, a Kemp Valley Community Wildlife Group survey objective.

We want to:

  • work with local farmers and landowners, to help these scarce birds recover in numbers
  • put up nest boxes
  • encourage interest in local wildlife and the reporting of unusual sightings, and to share knowledge


Help us to build a picture of what coexists with us in the Kemp Valley by sending in details of what you have seen or heard recently. Please email sightings, photographs and any other items of interest to

We also organise a range of events and activities in the Kemp Valley area. Please click here to view.

Further Information from:

  • Chris Penny (Chair) 01588 680 590
  • Tim Weaver (Secretary)
  • Vince Downs (Treasurer) 01588 660 369

Please join us and help!

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