Severn-Vyrnwy Confluence Community Wildlife Group

The Severn-Vyrnwy Confluence Community Wildlife Group was set up in February 2018 to find out how many pairs of Lapwing and Curlew there are in the area bounded in the north by Crosslanes in the west to Nesscliffe in the east, and in the south from Winnington in the west to Stoney Stretton in the east. It includes Alberbury, Melverley, Pentre and Westbury.

As well as the two main target species, participants are asked, if they want to, to record up to 22 other target species. This is an optional extra, so only do it if you are confident. The primary objective is to find Curlew and Lapwing, and if that’s what you want to do, you will be very welcome.

Anyone interested in birds can join in. You don’t need to be an expert. Simple survey instructions, and maps to record your observations, are provided, and there will be a practical fieldwork training session if you feel that would help you.

Area of operation

The group’s area is divided up into 27 survey squares, each 2×2 kilometres on the Ordnance Survey National Grid, known as tetrads. The total area covered is 108 square kilometres.

Map showing the total area, divided into these squares, – SVC Survey area map

Plans for 2020

We intend to repeat the survey, and would like more helpers. If you can help, or you’re interested in finding out more about these birds, please come to our forthcoming meeting.
7.30pm Tuesday 18 February 2020
Alberbury Village Hall

Further information, SVC February 2020 meeting poster final

Survey results 2019

SVC Bird Group Report 2019 final

Survey results 2018

SVC Bird Group Report 2018 Final


Save our Curlews Campaign

Together with 10 other Community Wildlife Groups, our results contribute to monitoring the Curlew population across the whole County. The campaign is organised by Shropshire Wildlife Trust (SWT) and Shropshire Ornithological Society (SOS). For more details visit the SOS website

The work is funded by a joint SWT / SOS appeal. If you want to contribute, visit

Helping other wildlife

For the time being we want to concentrate on our bird survey and the Save our Curlews campaign, and we don’t want to duplicate, or compete with, the other worthwhile surveys and events organised by other groups. However, many members are interested in other forms of wildlife. We have therefore produced a leaflet summarising the activities of, and opportunities offered by, other wildlife organisations that operate in our area Time for Wildlife-v1

Contact us

If you would like to help, but can’t attend the meeting, or you would like more information, email the group organiser