SACWG: Butterfly Survey

Grayling butterfly, a scarce species found on the Long Mynd.

For several years,  SACWG members have been making casual observations over the summer of butterflies seen in gardens or in our local surroundings, noting grid reference, locality name and habitats. So far 28 of the 37 species found in South Shropshire have been recorded (see box below).

Of these, several, such as the Hairstreaks, Wall Brown, Grayling and Small Heath are of particular interest as their numbers are falling. The Hairstreaks live in very particular habitats and are therefore more difficult to observe and are probably under recorded.

ButterflyListThis year, members have undertaken two transects, one on Ragleth Hill and the other in Batch Valley. This involves walking the same route every week from the beginning of April until the end of September, recording all the species and numbers of butterflies seen. It is hoped that these will be repeated every year in order to build a comprehensive picture of the stability of butterfly populations in these two areas.

In addition timed counts have been carried out in Cardingmill Valley during the flight seasons of the Green Hairstreak and the Grayling. This involves walking a specific path over 15 minutes and counting the number of specimens observed. The results will be compared to counts done over the same routes 10 years ago.

Green Hairstreak

Green Hairstreak


  • If you would like to participate in the butterfly survey please contact Heather Hathaway.

dk green fritillary

Dark-green Fritillary


Butterfly hunting is fun for all ages!

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