SACWG: Hedge and Verge Survey

This project is currently inactive

If you enjoy walking and are interested in the biodiversity of wildlife you may wish to volunteer for our hedgerow survey.  Hedges support animals by providing them with food, shelter and importantly help the spread of species by creating wildlife corridors.  Volunteers will be able to choose a kilometre square in the SACWG area, record and classify hedges using public footpaths and lanes.

Species rich verge near Craignant

Species rich verge near Craignant

Unfortunately, it is estimated that 50% of the UK’s hedgerows have been lost since 1945. Mapping the location of local native species-rich hedgerows is very useful to inform the conservation of these habitats. Participating members receive training to help them survey and map these habitats and the wildlife they support.

Volunteers are trained in the classification of hedgerow and verge characteristics and can enter their data directly into the SACWG database.

  • If you would like to participate in the 2016 hedge/verge survey please contact Vivienne and Peter Thorpe.
  • If you are a current hedgerow & verge surveyor and would like to submit your observations online, please select this link.

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