SACWG: Surveying Hedgehogs in the Strettons

The hedgehog is a charismatic species, which has experienced a  worrying decline in recent years. It is estimated that populations may have decreased by 25% in the last 10 years, making it a real priority for conservation action.

SACWG "Bioblitz" in Rectory Field, Church Stretton.

“The pattern of tiny feet” – hedgehog tunnel tracks.

This SACWG project aims to determine the distribution of hedgehogs in the Strettons area, identifying areas where they seem to do well and areas where habitat improvement action may be required.  We aim to collect records of hedgehogs in the following ways:

  • Articles in Focus will ask people to send details of hedgehog sightings.
  • Local sellers of hedgehog food will be given information to encourage people to submit their sightings.
  • Hedgehog tunnels, which collect a record of footprints, will be used in participant gardens and other locations to ascertain the presence of hedgehogs.
  • Night recording cameras will be used in certain locations to identify the numbers of hedgehogs in the locality.
European Hedgehog

European Hedgehog

We also aim to provide information to people which might improve the chances of hedgehogs surviving and breeding.

If you are interested in helping to monitor the hedgehog population of the Strettons, or would like to tell us about a hedgehog that you have seen, please email Sandra Whitlock.

If you think there may be hedgehogs in your garden you can help them in the following ways.

  • Provide cat food or chopped peanuts and mealworms, but never milk and bread,
  • Provide a shallow dish of clean water,
  • Consider making a hole 15 cm/6” square in the fence or hedge on each side of your garden to allow hedgehogs to move around to find food and a possible mate.

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