Upper Clun Community Wildlife Group

Aims & Objectives

The Group’s aims are to:

Five Small Pearl Bordered Fritillaries on a Thistle

Five Small Pearl Bordered Fritillaries on a Thistle

  • undertake survey work to establish the status of key bird and plant species and habitats,
  • encourage and enhance local interest in wildlife, and
  • actively promote conservation.

There are 3 sub-groups at present covering:

with another covering mammals, reptiles and amphibians ready to be formed.

Area of Interest

The Upper Clun Community Wildlife Group’s geographical remit covers the catchment area of the River Clun west of Clun, including the valleys of the River Unk and the Folly Brook, plus that part of the Bettws y Crwyn parish that is outside the River Clun catchment area. This is around 120 square kilometres.

To learn a little about the landscape of our area, click here.


Anyone who lives or works in the area, or has an interest in its wildlife, and who wants to actively contribute to local knowledge and conservation, is welcome. Membership is free. Click (Membership) for further membership information.

Marsh Violet (Viola palustris)

Enthusiasm and interest in the area are far more important than specialist knowledge. Group members are assisted by experts in the relevant fields: they provide training to anyone who wants it on such topics as species identification, how to carry out a simple surveys and how to record the results. Survey work is easy and enjoyable, and members will learn new skills.

Members get periodic mailings about how to get involved, invitations to events, and an Annual Report. Those who provide an email address also regularly get additional information.

Co-operation and Support

The Group is co-operating with farmers and landowners to safeguard our important wildlife. It is also working closely with, and has the support of, Land, Life and Livelihoods, the Clun & Bishop’s Castle Branch of the Shropshire Wildlife Trust, and the Shropshire Hills AONB Partnership.


The Upper Clun Community Wildlife Group conducts annual surveys of

Curlew, a bird at risk in the Upper Clun area.

  •   Lapwings, Curlews and other birds
  •   plants
  •   butterflies
  •   wetland & wildlife sites

The Group also provides nest boxes for woodland and garden birds (free to members in the area), Barn Owls and Dippers, and runs walks to introduce new members to the special birds, plant life and butterflies of the area.

Additionally, the Group offers wildlife talks (as part of the Clun & Bishop’s Castle Branch of the Shropshire Wildlife Trust programme). The Group holds a BBQ in August and Social each November, with buffet, to assess the previous year’s survey results, to discuss plans and conservation action for the following year and to elect the Management Committee.

More Information

Upper Clun Community Wildlife Group members clearing soft rush to improve habitat for Marsh Violets and Small Pearl-bordered Fritillaries

To join out mailing list, to get more information, please contact the Secretary:
Jacky Harrison
Reilth Top
Bishops Moat
Shropshire SY9 5LL
Tel.: 01588 630 666
Email: UCCWG@shropscwgs.org.uk

The 2019 Annual Report is available by clicking 2019 Report final compressed

Previous reports are also available  for download – click
2016 Report compressed2015 UCCWG Report2014 report digest;  UCCWG Report 2013

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