Wenlock Edge Community Wildlife Group

 The Wenlock Edge Community Wildlife Group is currently inactive. Please check back later to find out what progress has been made in revitalising the group.

Lapwing and Curlew Survey

A survey of Lapwing and Curlew is currently underway within the WECWG area (see below). However, owing to the inactive state of the WECWG, this is being organised under the auspices of the SACWG. If you require further information or wish to take part, follow this link.

About the Group

The Wenlock Edge Community Wildlife Group was launched in February 2013.  Our aim is to provide training and activities that further the knowledge of our local wildlife.  The focal point for the work of the Group is the unique landscape of Wenlock Edge, from Craven Arms in the south, to Ironbridge in the north.

We work closely with The National Trust which owns large parts of The Edge, and run many of the training and activities that take place in our area. Some of the NT events take place in Cardingmill Valley.

We have been active in five key areas – locating breeding evidence for priority birds (see list below), Dormice, moths, shield bugs and habitat mapping surveys.

The bird survey group is looking for sightings of Barn Owl, Redstart, Pied Flycatcher, Peregrines and Red Kite, with the aim of mapping their distribution along Wenlock Edge. The group has also assisted with some nest box surveys.

Wenlock Edge is the Shropshire stronghold of Dormice, but there are many woodlands in this area where they have not been found.  The dormouse survey group visited woodlands looking for nuts that have been nibbled in the characteristic dormouse manner.  They will also be undertaking basic assessments of woodlands, to see whether they might be suitable for Dormice.

Wenlock Edge has a rich natural environment, but outside of the designated sites there is very little information on what habitats are present.

The area within which the group is active is shown in blue in the map below. Click on the map to open a larger version in a new window.

WECWG area map

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