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The Common Grammoptera Grammoptera ruficornis

With the weather set fair for the next few days Pete Boardman wonders if we might help look for one of the easier found long-horned beetles that is common at the moment if you are in Shropshire. The species, the Common Grammoptera Grammoptera ruficornis, is easily found on hawthorn and hogweed and other flowers.   Read more about Grammoptera ruficornis and how to contact Pete with your findings.

During the summer a series of “2014 Insect Walks” are planned.  Normally these are in and around Telford, but the group does venture out onto Wenlock Edge and beyond.  Included in the programme is a monthly visit to Lea Quarry to allow us to witness the development of the flora and fauna over time.   Contact Keith Fowler by e-mail. Details of each event will be circulated about 5 days before the event.

The group’s interests are all things invertebrate.  From a request to Keith to look in areas of Telford that had no or few invertebrate records, has grown a regular programme of outings.  Rather than continue what was a lonely task, Keith invited members of the Wrekin Forest Volunteers* to join him.  A few did the first year, more did the second, and many of this year’s Wednesday party originate from and still belong to this group. Last year he also gathered several non-WFV people.  Several are students of the Field Studies Centre’s Invertebrate Challenge and bio.fell projects, putting their training into practice.

This year Keith’s aim is to open up his programme of outings to anyone in the area who is interested and prepared to spend some time searching not only for invertebrates but for whatever takes their fancy – mammals, birds, fossils, flowers etc.  The main requirement is a willingness to look for things, enjoy a day out and the camaraderie of the group.

Records are taken of all species that they can identify. The records are passed on to the owner of the site (when they are on private land, if they want them), the Shropshire Wildlife Trust and the appropriate county recorders.

If anyone would like the group to visit their ‘patch’ please get in touch with Keith.

* Wrekin Forest Volunteers: a volunteer group within the Shropshire Wildlife Trust for the Telford area carrying out conservation work and surveys.

The Groups received start-up funding from the Community Wildlife Groups in the Shropshire Hills LEADER Project. Part financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development 2007-2013: Europe investing in rural areas.

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