For those of you who helped with the Strettons area Lapwing and Curlew Survey, in 2022 and / or previously – a big thank you!  Please read on …

In 2022, once again working with the Shropshire Ornithological Society Save our Curlews campaign, we located seven breeding pairs of Curlew.  Three nests were found and fenced, eggs hatched in two of them, but no chicks fledged.  A report of the survey results, and the Save our Curlews project, was included in the SACWG Annual Report, and has been emailed to participants.

We need to undertake the same nest finding, protection and chick tracking project this year to ensure that the overall results aren’t vulnerable to unusual annual fluctuations.  Stepping Stones funded the project in 2022 with a grant of £8860, which is about the total we’ll need again in 2023.  However, no Stepping Stones grant will be available in 2023, so we reissued the Strettons area Curlew Appeal. To date, the appeal has raised far less than we hoped, and we are still well short of what we need to implement the project, due to start at the end of next month.

I know times are hard for many people, but not everyone is severely affected by the cost of living crisis. If you feel able to contribute, I’d be grateful if you could consider doing so, please. At the current rate of decline, the Curlew population in Shropshire will halve in 12 years, and virtually disappear in 25. It would be nice to think that we might still have some Curlews left when hopefully our economic prospects have improved.

Please see the 2023 appeal leaflet (PDF) explaining the appeal.

We recognise that many of you will be unable to give to an appeal at the present time, but please consider it, and donate if you feel able using the donation form (DOCX) to ensure that whatever you send is paid into the Strettons Area ring-fenced fund.

Thank you,

Leo Smith