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Coronavirus Update

Many of our events and activities were curtailed or cancelled in 2020, as a result of Government restrictions to limit the spread of the virus.

However, the Government’s Road Map announced on 22 February 2021 included a proposed ending of the “Stay at home” rule on 29 March, together with relaxation of rules governing outdoor activities,  so we are planning on undertaking our Birds and other surveys in 2021. All activities will be conducted in accordance with whatever Covid-19 restrictions are in place at the appropriate time.

All Groups will be conducting bird surveys in 2021.

The main purpose will be to monitor the Curlew population. There are probably only about 120 pairs left in the whole of Shropshire, so we haven’t got long to save them from location extinction.

All Groups need new helpers please.

A general description of the surveys can be found here

More details can be found on each Group’s own section of the website.

If you want to help, or need more information, please email Leo Smith (

Since 2003

Surveying and protecting declining species

About Us

Wildlife is an important part of our landscape and natural heritage but much of it is disappearing.

Community Wildlife Groups give local people a chance to do something about this by finding and recording wildlife of all types, so that existing populations and habitats can be conserved.

What the groups do

Our mission

We bring together people interested in wildlife, undertake survey work to establish the status of key wildlife species and their habitats, encourage and enhance local interest in wildlife, and actively promote conservation.


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Curlew Monitoring and Conservation – 2021

Hi Curlew Bird Surveyors Please find attached a summary of the CWG Curlew survey results for Shropshire in 2020, which shows that monitoring wasn’t affected significantly by lockdown, that collectively we monitored 93-111 breeding pairs, and only one pair fledged any...

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Curlew Monitoring – 2021

An important part of the SOS “Save our Curlews” campaign is knowing how many breeding pairs there are, where they are, and the population trends across the County. In 2019, around 94 – 115 pairs were found altogether, the vast majority of the County population. Over...

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Since 2003

Shropshire’s Community Wildlife Groups

Privacy policies for each group are being developed and will be posted on the website in due course.

3 Parishes

We cover the parishes of  Gobowen & Selattyn, Weston Rhyn and St. Martins.

Abdon District

Abdon Wildlife Group started up in the spring of 2016. We are a group of local residents who are interested in our area’s natural history.

Camlad Valley

We cover Churchstoke, Hyssington, Priest Weston and Chirbury, so we are partly in England and partly in Wales.

Clee Hill

Centred on the open hill land of Titterstone Clee, Clee Hill Common and Catherton Common, and includes the surrounding land .

Rea Valley

Our area includes Pontesbury, Minsterley, the Stiperstones and the Hope Valley.


We were set up in February 2018 to monitor Lapwing and Curlew. We cover Alberbury, Melverley, Pentre and Westbury.

Strettons Area

We have been active since 2012 helping to record and conserve wildlife in and around the around the Strettons area.

Tanat to Perry

Extending from Oswestry in the north to Kinnerley in the south, and eastward from the Welsh border to Ruyton-XI-Towns: from the Tanat to the Perry. 

Upper Clun

We cover the catchment area of the River Clun west of Clun, including the valleys of the River Unk and the Folly Brook.


Upper Onny

We cover the area between the Long Mynd and the Welsh Border, including the parishes of Ratlinghope, Wentnor, Norbury, Myndtown, More and Lydham. 

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