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Hazel Dormice
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The hazel dormouse is a rare and declining little mammal with big eyes and a furry tale.  It is rarely seen as it is nocturnal and lives in trees, spending much of its life asleep.  Despite its rarity, a few fragmented and vulnerable populations survive in and around the Stettons area.

SACWG are involved in ongoing searches for feeding signs in the area as well as erecting, maintaining and monitoring a series of dormouse nest boxes.  These not only provide breeding spaces, but help us to better understand where they are in the area so that we can help and advise landowners on how best to look after their habitat.


If you hold a Natural England dormouse licence (or are training to get one), and would like to help check boxes, please email Caroline Uff.

Dormouse.  Image - Frank Vassons@flickr

Hazel Dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius

Dormice images above and in header (cropped) courtesy of Frank Vassen @ flickr,

Licence CC BY 2.0

A recently installed dormouse nestbox