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Although we must of course abide by the Government’s instructions while the coronavirus emergency is ongoing, it doesn’t mean that our efforts to monitor curlew numbers have to cease entirely. 

Although it is not possible for our volunteers to conduct the usual surveys, we can ill afford a total loss of data on their population and distribution in 2020. There are probably now only 120 pairs left in the whole of the Shropshire, and we haven’t got long to save them from local extinction. Therefore, within the restrictions applicable during the coronavirus outbreak, we’d really like to know of any curlews you see or hear.

What can you do?

  • Make a note of any curlews you see or hear from your home, or while out taking your permitted exercise.
  • Ask other people you are in contact with locally to let you know if they see or hear curlews.
  • If you have to go out, to buy food or medicine, take your binoculars in your car with you so that you can stop and scan places where you might expect to see curlews.

What information should you record?

All records should indicate the number of curlews seen, their behaviour (feeding, in flight, nesting, display – bubbling – call, agitated call, chasing off crows, buzzards, etc.), and date and place.  If you have binoculars and can check for colour-rings, please report those too.

What should I do with the information?

Send it by email to Leo Smith – – who oversees the local curlew surveys.

Above all, though…

Stick to the guidance and instructions issued by HM’s Government to limit the spread of Covid-19 and keep all of us safe and well.