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Bird Group Survey 2023 Short Report

Bird Group Short Report Oct 2023 Clee Hill Curlew Distribution Map 2023 draft The Curlew results were the most encouraging for some years!!! If you know of any other pairs of Curlews, or the other main target species, please let Leo know ASAP. In 2024, we need to keep...

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Bird Group Report 2021

This report (see link below) summarises the tenth year for the Bird Group. The bird survey returned to its usual format, after being disrupted by coronavirus restrictions in 2020. We now have a good understanding of the population and distribution of Lapwing and...

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2020 Bird Group Survey Report

Leo has done a more complete report than usual, mainly because it’s unlikely that we will be able to have a meeting this spring to go over the results, but also to bring it into line with the reports he does for other areas. Download a pdf copy of the report here Bird...

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Clee Hill Short Report 2018

IntroductionThis report describes the work undertaken by the Clee Hill Community Wildlife Group during 2018.Bird Group LAPWING & CURLEW SURVEYand the Save our Curlews campaignIf the haunting, bubbling, song of the Curlew fills you with the joys of spring, then...

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Clee Hill Short Report 2014

IntroductionThis report describes the work and highlights of the Clee Hill Community Wildlife Group in 2014, our third year of operation. Several of the projects have been monitoring species or habitats targeted by theGovernment’s UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP),...

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Clee Hill Report 2013

IntroductionThe Clee Hill Community Wildlife Group was launched in 2012 and is in its second year having completed two seasons of survey work.  The Steering Committee which was in place through 2012 stood down in the Spring of 2013, handing over to the locally...

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