Swifts have been placed on the red list of endangered birds, partly due to the renovation of old properties and the building of new houses in areas where they used to nest. They fly thousands of miles from Africa to breed and swifts only stay with us for around 12 weeks. They build nests in the eves and gables of houses but do no damage as they use existing access points to get in. If these are blocked they have difficulty in finding new sites to nest in. House martins will be seen nesting on the outside of the house, usually under the eves and their nests look like a “muddy cup” attached to the wall.

The Rea Valley Community Wildlife Group would like to establish where Swifts are breeding within our area. To do this we need volunteers to look for and report any feeding or screaming parties of swifts and also, survey for nest sites. This is best done early in the morning or in the evening which gives the greatest opportunity to see swifts going into holes or under eaves.

Even better, you could take on the role of ‘Swift Champion’ in your village and look for opportunities to increase nest site provision and take action when known sites are under threat e.g. building renovation – either residential or commercial/industrial.

If you would like to help click HERE for a Survey Form and HERE for some instructions on how to complete the form properly to ensure the correct information is provided.

Completed forms should be sent to reavalleycwg@gmail.com