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We need more helpers, so anyone who can recognise Curlew and Lapwing should get involved, please

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About the campaign

The campaign is supporting and encouraging all of the Community Wildlife Groups (except Kemp Valley, which has no breeding Curlews) across Shropshire to monitor Curlews.

The groups continued with their surveys in 2019. Clee Hill and Abdon extended their areas, to close the gap between them and monitor known additional Curlew territories.

The Curlew distribution map from the County Bird Atlas 2008-13, overlain with the Community Wildlife Group areas, can be found here.

For more information about the “Save our Curlews” campaign, please visit the SOS website.

In 2019…

Tetrads covered


Curlew territories identified


Submit Your Sightings

Curlew sightings are still needed to allow us to continue developing our understanding of the Curlew population in Shropshire. If you do see a Curlew please use the form below to send us this important information. See Latest News for any further updates.

Many thanks,  Leo Smith.

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Latest news

Curlew Monitoring

An important part of the SOS “Save our Curlews” campaign is knowing how many breeding pairs there are, where they are, and the population trends across the County. In 2019, around 94 – 115 pairs were found altogether, the vast majority of the County population. Over...

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SOS Save our Curlews Appeal – 2020

The Upper Clun and Clee Hill Community Wildlife Groups are working with Shropshire Ornithological Society (SOS) on a project to find and protect nests, and radio tag and track chicks. Finding out what happens to the chicks, and why so few of them fledge, is the key to...

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Surveying Update (Coronavirus restrictions)

You’ll have seen the guidance sent yesterday that the Community Wildlife Group surveys are suspended, although if the survey can be done within the coronavirus restrictions on daily exercise, it should be. Further guidance will be provided before the second survey...

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