Wednesday 12 February 3pm to 5pm (refreshments provided) at the Shropshire Wildlife Trust, Shrewsbury

Ben Averis is an highly experienced ecologist and botanist living and working in Scotland (also North Wales). Ben (and his wife Alison) have studied vegetation and flora professionally since the early 1980s, carrying out surveys, monitoring projects, teaching and advisory work. Ben has an exceptionally detailed and extensive knowledge and understanding of British vegetation and his work is recognised by the statutory conservation agencies, the Forestry Commission, conservation-related non-government organisations and ecological consultancies.

Ben will be talking about his work and his new book: ‘Plants and Habitats, an Introduction to common plants and their habitats in Britain and Ireland’. This is a unique and refreshing read and I would add, and essential companion in the field. As well as allowing you to easily identify common British plants, the book gives a very visual description of each species, its habitat and why it grows in a particular place. You will find out that some plants are indicators of under grazing, some are more likely to occur on mown sites and others are indicators of eutrophication for instance. There is a section on grasses and also sedges, with colour plates. There is a good section in the book on the common mosses and liverworts, again with colour images and there is also a chapter on National Vegetation Classification with examples of different NVCs with accompanying photographs.

Come along to this talk! You won’t regret it and it’s possible you may even want to buy his book!