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The Plant Group was formally established in 2013 and has three main activities: wildflower walks, surveys of potential or existing Local Wildlife Sites and recording of plants on road verges. To ensure we can all do these surveys more effectively the Plant Group also runs informal workshops to hone our skills (whatever our starting point!)

For more information about the activities of the group and queries about the planned outings, please contact UOWG@shropscwgs.org.uk.

A report on Plant Group activities for 2018 is available here. Earlier Plant Group reports can be obtained on request to the above e-mail address.

Plants of roadside verges and meadows

As part of the Stiperstones and Corndon Hill Country Landscape Partnership Scheme a project to identify the best roadside verges in the area started in 2014. The intention was to pass on the information to Shropshire Council and the Council’s contractor so that the best verges can be managed to conserve and enhance that value.

The verges initiative has continued and is now co-ordinated by the Rescuing Shropshire’s Verges Project (RSVP).  If you wish to become involved please contact Rob Rowe (01588 630648 or e-mail UOWG@shropscwgs.org.uk).

We also survey meadows on behalf of the Marches Meadow Group. As well as initial surveys, follow-up surveys after green hay treatment are conducted.

Plant surveys for Shropshire Wildlife Trust

These surveys of Local Wildlife Sites aim to update the list of plant species and NVC communities present, and to assess the condition of the sites. 

Please note that these surveys need permission from landowners and you should check that they are going ahead before the date stated. For this reason only minimal details will be given on the website.

Full details of dates, times and rendezvous, and other details will be available by email from the programme organiser.  

IMPORTANT: For insurance purposes anyone wishing to participate in these surveys must first register as a volunteer with the Shropshire Wildlife Trust prior to joining the group.

The Upper Onny Wildlife Group has been asked to survey more Local Wildlife Sites in the coming years; if you are interested in taking part (no experience needed) please contact UOWG@shropscwgs.org.uk

Other wildlife activities

The Plant Group events are just one way to get involved with wildlife in the Camlad, Rea Valley and Upper Onny areas. Below are contact details for some other local activities and groups:

Verge surveys – Identifying flower-rich roadside verges for conservation. For more information on helping with verge surveys and protecting flower-rich verges, please contact Rob Rowe (01588 630 648 or rob@robrowe.co.uk)

Ancient tree surveys – For more information on helping to locate and record ancient trees, please contact Rob Rowe (01588 630 648 or rob@robrowe.co.uk)

Community Wildlife Groups – For more information about the other community wildlife groups in Shropshire, please explore this website. 


The Upper Onny Community Wildlife Group received financial support from the Stiperstones & Corndon Hill Country Landscape Partnership Scheme, which is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The lead organisation for the Scheme is the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Partnership, and the Scheme is hosted by Shropshire Council. Please see www.stiperstonesandcorndon.co.uk