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Big Butterfly Count – July 16th to August 8th

Help Butterfly Conservation to take nature’s pulse by joining-in the Big Butterfly Count!

The Big Butterfly Count is a UK-wide effort to assess the health of our environment by comparing the number and type of butterflies, both rare and common (and a few moths) seen during high summer with records from previous years.  The count is an ideal opportunity for enthusiastic Citizen Scientists like yourselves to contribute observations which can have a real influence on future efforts to protect some of the rarer and more vulnerable species.

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Stepping Stones activities – July update.

  • Tuesday 20th July
  • Bracken control volunteer day. We’re looking for volunteers to help us control bracken on Norbury Hill which was recently acquired by the Middle Marches Community Land Trust, after generous support from local people. Bracken bashing, cutting or scything depending on expertise!  We’ll meet at 10am and finish around 3pm at the latest (but stay for as long or as short as you like).  To book email Charlie Bell.

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    Who we are & What we do

    About us

    The Strettons Area Community Wildlife Group (SACWG) is a friendly group of more than 100 people who live and / or work locally. We have been active since 2012 helping to record and conserve wildlife in and around the around the Strettons area – see the map below showing the area we cover.

    The main work of the group is surveying locally threatened species and habitats.  The results of the studies are provided to important bodies such as Shropshire Wildlife Trust, the National Trust, Natural England, and Shropshire Council to help them in their conservation efforts.  We publish an annual report on our activities, issues of which are available for download here

    If you would like to get involved, either to share your local wildlife knowledge or to gain new knowledge, you are welcome to join us.  Interest and enthusiasm are more important than in-depth knowledge as we have support from professional ecologists and local species experts, and training is available.  If you are interested, please get in touch with the Secretary at SACWG@shropscwgs.org.uk.

    You can download a copy of the SACWG constitution here.

    Contact Us

    For more information on the Strettons Area Community Wildlife Group, contact:

    Steve Butler (Chair): (01694) 723 514 or SACWG_Chair@shropscwgs.org.uk

    Heather Hathaway (Secretary): (01694) 722 537 or SACWG@shropscwgs.org.uk

    For issues relating to this website, contact:

    John Baines (Web Maintenance):

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    Annual Public Meeting

    The Strettons Area Community Wildlife Group annual public meeting was held as a virtual event on Thursday 25th February 2021.  The Zoom meeting was recorded so if you missed it, you can watch it online on the Middle Marches Community Land Trust channel on YouTube.

    Privacy and GDPR Policy Statements

    Click HERE to download our Privacy and GDPR Policy statements (PDF).


    Other projects

    Ladybird and Shieldbug Survey

    This is an ‘informal’ project, meaning organised survey activities have ceased but we are still accepting casual observations from the public.

    Dormice in the Strettons

    This link is currently inactive as this project is in the planning phase.

    Future Survey Activities

    Repeating surveys annually is far more valuable than continually changing activities, as this helps to monitor species and indicate if populations are increasing or decreasing. However, new surveys can be adopted if there is sufficient interest from the membership and someone to lead the activity.

    All members are invited to propose new surveys prior to the Annual Public Meeting. There will be an opportunity at the annual meeting to present potential new surveys to the group. Popular new survey activities can be adopted at this stage.

    Common Snipe (Photo: John Harding)

    Retired Projects

    These are currently neither active nor are they accepting casual observations.  It is likely that some may be re-activated in the future as long-term (but not necessarily annual) observations are critical to monitoring changes in wildlife.

    Photo: Caroline Uff

    Activities & Achievements

    Annual Reports

    The SACWG Annual Report summarises the activities of the Group, with particular emphasis on the achievements of each of our surveys.  To read the Annual Reports (in PDF format), please click on the appropriate box below.


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    Sending a message via this form will go to our Secretary.  You will not be added to our mailing list as a result of submitting this form but please leave your email if you want us to contact you or add you to our mailing list.  For more information on how we process your data, please read our Privacy Policy.